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How Did Speckled Eggs Get Their Speckles?

Date published 2019 | 01 | 10

Has closed

Entrants had to make up imaginative stories on how they think my famous Speckled Eggs got their speckles.

Welcome to my wonderful, sweet magical world where possibilities (and sweets) are endless, happiness fills the air and there is never a shortage of Speckled Eggs, a world filled with chocolate rivers, liquorice figs, juicy jelly plants and much more deliciousness. This is a world where the Speckled Eggs first got their speckles in the most spectacular way possible.

What other ideas do you have in mind of how my Speckled Eggs got their speckles? Tell me your version of how you think my Speckled Eggs got their speckles, then get your friends to vote for your story and you could win an iPhone X or 1 of 30 Mister Sweet Speckled Eggs limited edition hampers. I want to hear the craziest, funniest and most imaginative ways that you think those speckles got onto each egg!


  • Moments Mkansi
  • Chesslynn Jacobs
  • Elizabeth Harmse
  • Badru Abdul
  • Aneesa Vawda
  • Francis
  • Philip van der Merwe
  • Rabiya Parker
  • Melissa Kretschmer
  • Rashieda Parker Khatib
  • Mohammed Foflonker
  • Chantel Belinda Vd Sandt
  • Eleanor Cummings
  • Vikki Cloete
  • Van Der Merwe
  • Enid Klopper
  • Monique Moss
  • Michelle Dankers Laubscher



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