Are you daring enough for a flavour rush like no other

Mister Sweet offers the widest range of mouthwatering gums, tantalising jellies, delightful candy-coated chocolates, scrumptious liquorice, and oh-so-fluffy and irresistible fresh mallows - it's more than you can imagine.

All of us have a little history.

In 1971, a visionary named Darryl Senior ignited a sweet revolution. Mister Sweet was born from the dream of creating the finest sweets in the industry. From its humble beginnings in Primrose with just 15 employees and a modest 600 square meter factory, the journey of Mister Sweet became an unfolding legacy. Today, Mister Sweet continues to create unparalleled taste and sensorial experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Join us in savouring the sweet symphony of flavours that define our remarkable journey.


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